Who We Are

Éyra Cosmetics born from the passion and the research of two guys who love traveling and looking for skin care products: we have always wanted to launch a skin care line, natural and highly ethical but we wanted to stand out from the crowd: a lot of companies replace just the harmful and / or synthetic product with natural ones but innovation happens very rarely and, when it happens, new plants are presented, new extracts but with very “common” properties such as: hydration, antiaging, etc.

We realize that we have written a new chapter in the skin care field: the natural and organic has never been so technologically and commercially advanced, a healing from the synthetic imitation tunnel: from here comes Éyra, the ethereal goddess of Indian healing (country from which we have drawn inspiration).

Éyra cosmetics today is a young start-up that offers something very different from the usual line natural and organic cosmetics and we want to continue with these guidelines because we think that the nature has to offer us much more than we can imagine … just look at it from a point of different sight! Just have a new eye, without any influence and we are young just for this, to write a new chapter in the research. Stay tuned!

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